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Archive for August, 2008

August 6th, 2008 | Roogoo Visual Development
by Marty Seefeldt

Some very early Roogoo designs from 2006When work on Roogoo began, there was only a very general idea of what the game would actually be, but just like the XBLA version of the game, it all started in space. The very first designs of the Roogoo characters featured alien bodies with eye stalks coming right out of the torso. This was before the whole Roogoo mythology came into existence, but I’ll get around to that a little later.

Those first drawings of mine are a bit too embarrassing for me to post here, but in the image to the right you can see some of the earlier designs that were still very much inspired by the space setting.

A page of designs that ended up very near the final look of the game

Eventually a general body shape was settled on, but at that point it was more a design for a species and not any specific character. It can be very frustrating trying to design characters from a blank slate, and a falling blocks puzzle game doesn’t offer a lot of inspiration in that regard. However, that inspiration that I needed actually came out of the frustration. Instead of coming up with a good idea, I went with something that was totally ludicrous.

The page of designs to the left was the result of some over-the-top story brainstorming. I knew that no one would care about the story in a puzzle game, so I decided to come up with a convoluted, melodramatic epic full of supporting characters that had no bearing on the gameplay. Scott loved the designs that came out of this and many of the characters ended up appearing in the game’s cutscenes with almost no explanation.

It wasn\'t just the characters that went through major changes, the game also changed a lot during development

I shouldn’t go too far without mentioning what was happening with the gameplay prototypes while all of the character design work was being done. The game went through several different visual styles while in development. On the right you can see the cardboard cut-out style that we experimented with for a while. Everyone liked the idea, but given the resources that we had, we wouldn’t have been able to give it the polish that it deserved.

After Shaun joined the team, the Roogoo characters started to gain a lot of personalitySo far, though, I’ve just been talking about design. The game as it looks now was made possible by Shaun Healey, who started working for SpiderMonk worryingly close to the deadline for the project, but ended up doing all of the final illustrations anyway.

Shaun is great at making entertaining characters and although he was too late to influence the character designs much, he was responsible for all of their personalities. The drawings to the left are a sampling of what he did to get used to drawing in the Roogoo style.

Shaun did all of the illustrations for the cutscenes that introduced and ended the game

The cutscenes that appeared in Roogoo are only a portion of what Shaun has been doing with these characters. We’ll be posting a lot more artwork on this blog, both from future Roogoo games and from whatever other projects SpiderMonk is able to find time for.

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