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May 7th, 2009 | IGN: Top Ten Xbox LIVE Arcade Games
by Scott March

IGN: Top Ten Xbox LIVE Arcade Games
Roogoo Gets Honorable Mention

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    May 27th, 2009 (4:43 am)
    Shady IIV says:

    How big are the Chances that we’ll get a update for Roogoo on XBL Arcade. Maybe a few more levels, – better Multiplayer. Just re-release the game somehow. Or make the Update a few MS Points.

    Or, will there ever be another Roogoo Game for XBLA, or is the platform considered “done” for you?

    June 26th, 2009 (8:10 am)
    SpiderMonk says:

    It all depends on our schedule- Would be fun to do.

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